Growing with the moon

The Moon has a gravitational effect on the Earth. Steiner proposed that this affects plant growth.

The Moon has a roughly elliptical orbit so the gravitational pull varies throughout its 28 day cycle.

Root growth is improved when the Moon moves further away causing a decreased pull on the Earth and vice versa – this force also causes the ocean tides.

– Planting of flower, fruit and vegetable seeds is best done 2 days before a new Moon because light and gravitational forces are more favourable in the seven days that follow.
-Following this, the increased light stimulates foliage growth, but the gravitational pull increases so root growth is less favoured – young shoots thrive and the roots rest.
– For the seven days following the full Moon the light decreases slowing foliage growth, but so does the gravitational pull and the roots can develop. This is a good time to transplant seedlings as it gives the roots better conditions to flourish.
– In the last seven days of the lunar cycle the light continues to decrease, but the gravitational pull increases so both foliage and roots rest in the run up to the new Moon of the next lunar cycle.

New Moon Waxing Moon Full Moon Waning Moon
Roots and Shoots enhanced Roots rest, Foliage grows Roots develop, Foliage slows Roots and Foliage rest