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Growing Coffee

After you have experienced your first and second fruiting of your Coffee plants you will wonder why you had so much trouble starting out.

The new bushes will be coming up without any intention on your part and you will be needing to split them up to allow enough room for the older ones.

There are very few rules involved in germinating coffee. Firstly only try to germinate from a fresh harvest.

Ours are always from the most recent harvest and we do not store old seed for sale. We roast it instead.

Secondly, sow the seed in a shadehouse in September and then leave them alone.

Thirdly, sow the seed in a coarse potting mix in pots.

There are no clever, new or novel germinating methods that work well. Be old fashioned.

Remember, nature has been doing this much longer than you have.

Wait. Usually after the first rain in October/ November you will have germination.

Allow them to grow to 60mm high before thinning them out and giving each of them their own pot.

Plant out next Spring and watch them go!!