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Garden Nutrition

What your garden uses during the course of the day. Understanding the proper balance of nutrient in your garden is the best way to provide adequately for your herbs and food bearing plants, which, in turn benefits the gardener .

Here is a very basic breakdown of the elements themselves and their function in the garden.

While it is possible to include all of these elements and minerals to the garden in a natural and organic way, to include them in a manner that is convenient to you is more important to the growth of the plants, than not to provide them.

Mineral/ ElementChemical LetterHow the plant uses the element
NitrogenNPlant growth; proteins; enzymes; hormones; photosynthesis
SulphurSAmino acids and proteins; chlorophyll; disease resistance; seed production
PhosphorusPEnergy compounds; root development; ripening; flowering
PotassiumKFruit quality; water balance; disease resistance
CalciumCaCell walls; root and leaf development; fruit ripening and quality
MagnesiumMgChlorophyll (green colour); seed germination
CopperCuChlorophyll; protein formation
ZincZnHormones/enzymes; plant height
ManganeseMnPhotosynthesis; enzymes
BoronBDevelopment/growth of new shoots and roots; flowering, fruit set and development
MolybdenumMoNitrogen metabolism. (Without it the plant cannot process the nitrogen you may be adding)
ChlorideClPhotosynthesis; gas exchange; water balance