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Flowers for Wedding Anniversaries

A bouquet of pale roses are perfect flowers for wedding anniversaries

Every wedding anniversary has a traditional gift associated with it. (Some couples have ‘modernised’ the list to include appliances, diamond jewellery, real estate and other expensive goodies before they’ve even racked up ten years together – but we’re sticking with tradition).

If you want to express your love through flowers for wedding anniversaries, here’s the list, and our suggestions for gifts that won’t end up unused in the shed.

1st  Anniversary : Paper.
The native Melaeuca tree is commonly called paperbark; its flowering stems make a lovely native bouquet.

2nd  : Cotton.
You can order cotton blossoms – Gossypium – from your local florist outlet; long straight dark brown branches with soft, fluffy pompoms of white cotton, like tiny clouds, all the way up. They look dramatic on their own, and mix especially well with Aussie wildflowers.

3rd  : leather.
Leatherleaf is readily available in florists. A glossy dark green leaf, ferny and ornate, it makes a lovely frame to a bouquet. Bonus point – it’s very longlasting.

4th  : Fruit and Flowers.
This is the easiest anniversary to buy a gift for, surely! One bouquet is thoughtful; a bouquet each month for a year would be super-special. Romantics could always strew rose petals about – up the stairs and over the bedroom – though someone’s got to clean it up afterwards, and that’s never romantic. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s our suggestions on Flower Gifts

Red rose petals scattered over a black satin sheet. Romantic roses are perfect flowers for wedding anniversaries.

5th  : Wood.
A favourite plant, or even a tree, will bring life and colour to your home for years to come.

6th  : Iron.
Many Eucalyptus species are commonly called ‘ironbarks’. If you have the space, why not plant one? If you don’t, you can always buy a bunch of the stems – some have beautiful tassel-like flowers that are ideal for floristry use.

7th  : Wool or Copper.
8th  : Bronze
Well, you could buy her a length of plumbers’ pipe…but we prefer a bunch of copper coloured flowers. Most of these work for bronze too. Chrysanthemums are perfect for this colour range – the large-headed disbuds or ‘blooms’ in particular; or the calla lily ‘Mango’.

9th  : Willow or pottery.
Willow stems make a lovely rustic addition to most bouquets. Add blue flowers to echo willow pattern china, place in a terracotta pot and you’ve got two gifts in one.

10th  : Tin.

11th  : Steel
There is a very versatile native foliage, steel grass, which looks unprepossessing in a bunch, but which makes beautiful design arrangements in creative hands.

12th  : Silk and linen
Linen is made from the flax flower, Linus, which has vivid sky-blue flowers. It is a meadow, not a florist flower, but it is very beautiful. New Zealand flax is a Phormium, whose leaves are widely used for bouquet and arrangement work.

13th  : Lace.
There is a beautiful native Australian foliage called Forest Lace (Stenocarpus). It’s soft and ferny, romantic-looking, and makes a lovely backdrop in a bouquet of her (or his!) favourite flowers.

14th  : Ivory.
No one in their right mind would want to buy real ivory. There’s plenty of ivory-coloured flowers to choose from – most white and cream flowers also tend to be highly scented too.

A young couple wearing white t-shirts with the woman holding a bouquet of white flowers.

15th  : Crystal
 A bouquet of your sweetie’s favorite buds in a glamorous vase is a thoughtful and chic surprise.” ( We couldn’t think of a better surprise on our anniversary.  Except maybe if the vase was on a tray, for breakfast in bed.

20th  : China
 A gorgeous vase filled with your sweetie’s favorite blooms is sure to bring a smile.” ( We agree!

25th : Silver.

30th : Pearl

35th : Coral

40Th : Ruby

45th : Sapphire

50th : Gold

55th : Emerald.
Not all of us can afford precious stones. But emerald flowers are not such a reach any more. If you are looking for green blooms, ask for Bells of Ireland, ‘Shamrock’ chrysanthemums, ‘Prado’ carnations and ‘Green Goddess’ arum lilies.

60th : Diamond.

If you are just at the start of the biggest love affair of your life, choosing flowers for wedding anniversaries may seem like a long way off.

However, if you are thinking of getting married and would like some suggestion on possible wedding flowers, please see here.

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