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Aquaponics plants growing in pipes above a fish pond

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a method of growing plants and raising fish and other water creatures in a mutually beneficial way. Aquaponics, along with hydroponics, is a

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Citrus Leafminer damage to Lemon Tree Leaves and Orange

Citrus Leafminer

If you’ve attempted to grow citrus of any variety in your backyard, the chances are that you are familiar with Phyllocnistis citrella – the citrus

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Citrus harvesting - a man hand-picking mandarins in a citrus orchard

Citrus Harvesting

Australia has many things going for it as a country, not least the diverse climate and huge range of soils and growing conditions. One upside

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Native citrus - Bunch of fresh tasty finger limes fruits

Native Citrus

An Untapped Bounty – It still shocks me that us Aussies are fortunate enough to have native citrus growing in this amazing country of ours

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Green-leaved treet with flowering tangerines. Fedding citrus trees correctly is important.

Feeding citrus trees

Growing Citrus Trees Across Australia Citrus trees are a staple of many Australian gardens. However, growing them to fruit successfully has different challenges, depending on

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