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About Us

About Us

Agricultural seed market, whilst our farm traders

Hi there, this site is run by Ant Stevens and Emma Faye. We’ve discovered a mutual appreciation of gardening and growing our own vegetables over many years. The ‘stuck at home lockdowns’ caused by the Covid pandemic of 2020 only accelerated our desire to become increasingly self-sufficient, closer to nature and to excel at gardening organically.

We enjoy talking, writing and advising about home gardening to anybody who expresses an interest.

We get a kick out of trying new growing techniques and mastering new equipment. Our mission is to share our appreciation of back-to-nature gardening experiences as widely as possible.

Where to start

It shouldn’t be overwhelming

This site is focused on just having a go. We’re trying to debunk the complexity about how plants grow, how gardens thrive and how to go about choosing the right equipment for you. Whether you have acres of fertile land or just a window box and a house plant or two, we hope that you find something in the site that piques your interest and spurs you to try something new.
Where to start? It shouldn’t be overwhelming. We aim to simplify and overcome the common inertia to just getting started.
And we aim to answer the question around, what is the best garden equipment for my circumstances, budget and space considerations? Not all tools are created equal, after all 😉

We believe in authenticity and try very hard

Everything you read on this site has been written by one of us or one of our partners. We believe in authenticity and try very hard to ensure that all the information published is accurate and can be trusted.

Where we haven’t physically been able to try out the techniques, plants or equipment ourselves then we will extensively research online feedback from real customers who have used, experienced or bought these items.

We have also spent considerable time talking to staff in local garden centres about the training they’ve received from manufacturers, distributors and expert gardeners. We also ask about the experiences they’ve had with customers, both prospective and actual.

Our mission is to make this one of the best online resources for the keen home gardener in Australia. We want you to enjoy time with your hands in the soil and have realistic expectations of what you can achieve with a little knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm.

If this rings a bell for you, then we’re delighted to have you on board. Welcome, and we look forward to having you read our articles, guides and reviews.


Our Review and Buying Guides

We’re here to help you make the best buying decision for you. Our reviews are without fear or favour and are unbiased and independent. We want you to buy the best tools, equipment and accessories for you.
We are a free site to use but we may receive commissions if you click our links and make a purchase. However, this does not impact (and has never influenced) our reviews and comparisons.
Our mission is to be fair, balanced and impartial. We are fiercely proud of this and are here to help you find the equipment and growing techniques for you and your particular circumstances.

Ant Stevens & Emma Faye