Insect Traps

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  • Magnet Codling Moth trap kit

    Magnet® Codling Moth trap kit. The perfect way to control codling moth in small orchards or monitor spread where you have more than three trees.  They work with a simple insect pheromone that attracts the male Codling Moths and impales them on a sticky pad, before they can mate with a female. So no fertile females… no codling moth eggs that hatch to reveal destructive codling larvae inside your apples and pears. One kit contains the little hanging trap, 5 pheromone lures and 5 sticky inserts that are best hung in Oct-Nov and replaced in Feb-March when Codling Moths are on the wing in Adelaide area. Other areas may vary. Priced at just $38.00 per kit plus shipping $8.30 to anywhere in Australia, or actual postage for multiples.

  • Refill kits for Magnet Codling Moth trap

    Refill kits for Magnet® Codling Moth trap of 5 lures and 5 sticky traps are available for $29.00 plus shipping $2.00 to anywhere in Australia
  • Trappit Barrier Glue

    Trappit® Barrier Glue. Comes as a syringe that you apply to the trunk of a tree or rose stem to prevent insects such as ants and weevils from travelling up into the canopy from leaf litter beneath your plants. Effective control for a wide range of mobile insects and the glue stays just as sticky when it's wet. The solvent to get it off your hands is methylated spirits. Cost per 75ml tube is $11.00 plus shipping $8.30 to anywhere in Australia, less when part of an order. Even 2 units will be posted for just $8.30 postage but 3-5 units cost $10.80 postage locally and at current Australia Post rates interstate

  • Trappit yellow ‘sticky’ traps (Australia Only)

    Traps For controlling Whiteflies and European Wasp infestations, a useful 4 page pdf file detailing control measures for Citrus Gall Wasp is at


    I have found a very low off-target kill and these have got to be the best alternative to spraying insects with toxic sprays in the vegetable garden. A packet of 5 strips posted anywhere in Australia. $12.00 per pack of 5 plus shipping $2.00 to anywhere in Australia.